The Winter Nationals were held over the weekend in California, Here is the bottom line report from Hydroracer & Kyle Bahl.

Basically it


Only three stock classes were in Bakersfield for winter nationals. All other classes run were opc or inboard. I updated the APBA stock outboard Facebook page with results yesterday. Here’s your top three for the winter nationals classes:
Csh (9 boats): 1. Bahl 2. Malhiot 3. Peeters
20ssh (10 boats): 1. Peeters 2. Malhiot 3. Lombardo
Ash (11 boats): 1. Lombardo 2. Wallich 2. Hill

__________________ Kyle Bahl 20-R
“He didn’t bump you, he didn’t nudge you, he rubbed you, and rubbin’ son is racin’!”

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